We have spent over 20 years developing natural teaching techniques that are so successful behaviorists/trainers, veterinarians, governments/municipalities and animal specialists have come to us to learn our unique systems. We have helped thousands of people to understand how their dog can learn to act in an appropriate manner in all situations: a good host, a good guest, a reliable companion.

Custom Canine can take you and your dog on a journey of discovery that will be both challenging and fun! We understand that the path to your goals will be filled with questions. Our objective is to help you both be successful. Watching a healthy relationship unfold by helping you and your dog learn to work together, as a team, as companions -that is the aim of Custom Canine

We do not accept any tenet of the alpha dominance obedience model.
It is corrective and reactive and it is inappropriate and unnecessary.

Custom Canine Cooperative Social Teaching©

It is a teaching model that focuses equally on the needs of the human and the dog to help them co-create a relationship, which excludes any expression of dominance. We don’t want to control a dog. We want a dog to learn social self control as they are helped to understand our human world. It is completely natural for a dog to learn in this way. Our approach is easy, efficient and effective. Most importantly, it creates healthy, happy human/dog relationships


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